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What Our Customers Say


"Finding Chris turned my life around completely, and perhaps even saved it. Most recently I had an eczema and autoimmune flare up so bad I‌ thought I’d never see my real skin again. I came to Chris after multiple doctors were scratching their heads over my condition and throwing steroids and medications at me that would turn my skin to rice paper. Instead, Chris prescribed me a protocol and a lifestyle (along with supplements and acupuncture treatments) that introduced me to what a healthy body could feel like, and didn’t break my body down like meds would. He was able to detect and diagnose dietary sensitivities and associated auto-immune responses that no doctor had ever noticed. Even when I moved out of state, he kept in contact and helped me maintain my healing process with herbal supplements (which seemed to work like magic by how fast my pain vanished) . I finally feel CURED! It’s my greatest hope that anybody else out there struggling with an illness, no matter how small or grave, see Chris. Thank you for your compassion, teaching, and for helping me get my body back and feeling better than I‌ ever have! Very best,


I began seeing Chris in the summer of 2020 due to hormonal imbalances. I have a history of ovarian cysts and was on birth control for almost 20 years. When I finally stopped birth control, I wanted to give my body a chance to regulate my menstrual cycles and did not try to conceive right away. When I stopped getting my period, blood work revealed that I may be going into perimenopause in my mid 30s. My OBGYN referred me to a fertility clinic, which was a disastrous experience. The fertility doctor told me I would need to use an egg donor, then said I may be a candidate for other types of procedures, and at one point even wanted to put me back on birth control. After discussing some of my fertility issues with Dr. Sciarrillo, she referred me to make an appointment with Chris to see if acupuncture could help. I then started seeing Chris for weekly acupuncture treatments. After just one session I knew I was in the right place. It’s not everyday that you meet a health care provider who is willing to listen and willing to put in the time and effort to research what may be the cause of your underlying issues, and how to best treat and manage it. Chris’s knowledge in the area of fertility and hormonal imbalances was truly impressive. He did not make any promises that I would be able to get pregnant, but with weekly treatments and Chinese herbs, I became pregnant in August of 2020, and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl in May 2021. Chris is truly a professional in his field and his depth of expertise in this area helped me to conceive naturally without fertility treatments even though medical professionals felt I didn’t stand a chance to get pregnant naturally without fertility treatments. I am forever grateful to have been referred to Chris and cannot express enough how the results of acupuncture helped me to have a successful pregnancy. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough.


Chris and his team were at once professional and caring. I felt completely listened to and we created a plan that had me feeling great in no time!


The office has such a calming confident vibe. From the minute I walked in I knew I was in the right place Chris and his team helped me take care of some issues I had been dealing with for years that I thought could never be treated. Thank you!

    Office Location:

    Office Location

    Wellpath Center
    225 Millburn Ave Suite 206, NJ 07041
    Tel: 973-705-7800
    Fax: 973-705-7800
    E-mail : 
    [email protected]

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