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Infertility Treatment - Millburn, NJ

Dealing with Unexplained Infertility

Too often after a series of failed pregnancies and following an exam by a reproductive endocrinologist or gynecologist, a woman is given the diagnosis of “unexplained infertility.” On the one hand, this can serve to be of some relief because it rules out serious dysfunction and “old eggs” as the cause for not getting pregnant. On the other hand, it is very frustrating not being able to conceive a pregnancy without a clear reason why.

Fortunately, Chinese Medicine can often shine in these types of cases. The female reproductive system works through a delicate balance of hormones and signaling processes between the brain, ovaries and adrenals. Many factors can affect the clarity and timing of these signaling pathways. When this signaling is absent or out of synch, it can be very hard to become pregnant, even with IVF.

Chinese Medicine and acupuncture are very effective treatments at restoring clear and well-timed signaling within this system. In such cases, women are often able to conceive without further IVF’s or see a marked improvement in their response to their next IVF cycle.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Blocked fallopian tubes are a common cause for infertility. The fallopian tubes are the tunnel through which the egg travels from the ovary to the uterus for implantation. It is also where the egg and sperm most commonly meet for conception. Tubes can become blocked by scar tissue from a previous infection, endometriosis, surgery for an ectopic pregnancy or other reasons.

A truly blocked tube cannot be treated with holistic medicine and almost always requires IVF, which bypasses the fallopian tubes for implantation. In some cases though, tubes are not truly blocked, but rather it is the normal mechanisms to move the egg along that are impeded. In cases such as these, fertility treatment with Chinese Medicine is has proven effective.

Endometriosis Natural Treatment

Endometriosis is a very common and underdiagnosed gynecological problem that affects a high percentage of women. While it does not always lead to infertility, it certainly can in some cases.

Basically, it involves a migration of the tissue that makes up the endometrial lining of the uterus to other parts of the body, where it grows and shrinks with the normal hormone cycle of the female body. Symptoms include bloating, severe cramping, menstrual clotting, PMS and infertility. In many cases, these symptoms can be quite severe and even last for the entire month.

Chinese Medicine can be an extremely effective treatment for preventing the inflammation and hormonal activity of this tissue that is the cause of these adverse symptoms. When this tissue either blocks the fallopian tubes or encrusts the ovaries, either can cause infertility. In some of these cases, Chinese Medicine can make pregnancy possible, but laparoscopic intervention can make a much more accurate assessment possible and help define the limits of non-surgical intervention.


Premature Ovarian Failure Treatment

This is a common cause of infertility, particularly in women over 37 years of age. The basic idea is that every female is born with a finite number of eggs. These eggs are stored in the ovaries in a primordial form. With each menstrual cycle, a number of these eggs are recruited for possible fertilization and conception. As time passes, these eggs are gradually used up.

Similarly, as the body ages, these egg cells are susceptible to oxidative stress and other factors that can degrade and damage the DNA and other cellular tissue. The degree of this damage and depletion is most commonly determined by measuring FSH. What is important to understand is that FSH is not a direct measurement of egg quality or quantity. Rather, there is statistical correlation between high FSH and lowered ovarian reserve.

I am not implying here that it is a meaningless number, it isn’t, but it needs to be interpreted within the context of an entire case history. For example, a high FSH in a 48-year-old woman with peri-menopausal symptoms carries a lot more weight than a high number in a 39-year-old.

There are other, more correctable reasons why an FSH reading could be high. Generally, an FSH reading (even a single one) over 9 is considered to be a sign of declining ovarian reserve. This is not always true, because in some cases follicles can develop a receptor site resistance that has nothing to do with egg-quality, but will definitely retard follicle maturation. This problem is correctable with Chinese Medicine.

There are other equally correctable problems that could be present along with high FSH readings. That being said, high FSH does indicate diminished ovarian reserve in a high percentage of cases. This does not automatically imply that a woman cannot become pregnant with her own eggs. Chinese Medicine has developed protocols that help to improve egg quality over a period of months. It takes 13 menstrual cycles for the most primordial follicles to reach full maturation. It is through these numerous phases of maturation that these developing follicles are susceptible to damage and degradation, ultimately leaving them unable to fertilize.

Through a carefully crafted treatment protocol of acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle improvement, the quality of the mature follicles can be improved, thus making a successful pregnancy possible. This can take time however, as we are treating the developing follicles that can take as long as 13 months to develop.


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