Chronic skin disorders are more than skin deep as they effect far more than appearance.  Skin diseases can impact everything from your self worth to your sleep.  Rashes are like icebergs, 90% of both their cause and effect lie below the surface.  Let us help you with your psoriasis, excema, acne, rosacea or other skin conditions.

Many dermatological conditions have a genetic basis that is expressed by environmental, immune and hormonal triggers. Finding the triggers takes detective work as they are varied and individualized. Conventional dermatology focuses on the manifestation and symptoms presented while Chinese Medicine seeks to identify and eradicate the causes of the skin disease not just the rash, or the itch.

The skin is an organ, it breathes with a respiration that is different from the lungs. However, in Chinese medicine it is understood that the “Lungs govern the exterior of the whole body” and “connect with the large intestine”. The pores are the doors to the Qi and fluids it is home to the skin’s health. It is the largest organ of elimination it expels unwanted internal toxins through sweat. The anatomical name for our external tissue is the epidermis.

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