He has treated me for a variety of muscular and tendon problems over the course of about 15 years and thanks to him, I am still running 50 miles a week at age 60. He also healed neck pain that had interfered with turning my head for more than six months after a bad fall on the ice. He listens thoroughly and patiently when I go to see him, often with multiple problems, and addresses them all. I always leave with less pain than I had when I arrived and continue to improve afterward.
Union, NJ
Excellence at it’s Finest! One Acupuncture session with Chris Cured me of a Backache injury from fall on Ice… an avoided unnecessary surgery that the Medical Doctor was recommending. One Acupuncture treatment from Chris and vitamins Cured my Co-Worker of Vertigo returned to Work in 48 hours… after suffering for a week under Doctors care with medication that was useless and made her condition worst. Thank You So Much! Chris Totally Rocks Acupuncture! Promise he will Not disappoint!
Stirling, NJ
Chris is the most skilled acupuncturist I’ve ever encountered. His knowledge of all the acupuncture points is far superior to any I’ve encountered. (I’ve seen maybe ten over the last 10 years because of traveling. Chris listens attentively. He’s kept many of my autoimmune issues at bay. I now live in Asheville NC but any chance to come back to NJ includes a visit with Chris. Invest in your health and see Chris.

His office has moved into downtown Millburn.
Cindy C.
Mr. Butler is great at his craft. He practices what he preaches in the way of a healthful lifestyle and knows so much about autoimmune support. The sessions never feel rushed and he spent a lot of time with me to review blood work and share his opinion and ideas. He is knowledgeable about many things but also has a great hand with the needles! Always hits the mark with barely a pinch. So glad to live to close to one of his practices. We have been going to Mr. Butler for years. He even helped a relative of mine who came to visit with a lung issue~ shifted her breathing depth and quickened the healing. Can’t say enough nice things.
Heather S.
Mr. Butler is the best Acupuncturist I have ever been to! Not only did he get back to me in a timely manner, he was able to help me with blood work and get answers that modern western Dr.’s could not figure out. I have recommended him to everyone I know and cannot say enough good things about him! From his bedside manner to his follow up he is a true healer!
Sarasvati P.

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