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Your Bridge To Wellness

3 Steps To Wellness


This is the initial foundation we use to design your Path To Wellness.  During your extensive intake exam your practitioner will go over your medical history.  Your goals, ailments, prior lab testing and nutrition with detailed questions and active listening to build your in-depth health profile.

Personal Protocol

Based on findings from your intake we will devise a personalized treatment plan.  Your protocol will be communicated with you and discuss the next steps on your journey which may include any necessary blood panels, cutting edge testing, in clinic treatments, nutrition and supplementation.  Our goal is to identify and optimize those areas of your physiology to regain function.


The attainment of optimal wellness is a partnership.  Three weeks from your initial appointment will be your follow-up with your practitioner to review lab results, and discuss further individualization of your treatment plan.  As we continue to work together on your goals your practitioner and nutritionist team are available for follow-up appointments.

When You Choose The Wellpath Center

Patient Centered Care

Our goal is your personalized wellness.  We don't have treatments for say "migraines"  we lay out a plan for addressing the "Causes of your "Migraine". and thereby correcting the factors driving those causes

Science Based
Healthcare Approach

Science based means that we use objective data from testing, the approach changes based on the results.  We remain in the loop of current research studies and their conclusions.  This is melded with a thorough understanding of both conventional and Chinese Medical's ideas of human function.

Integrating East and West:
Chinese & Functional Medicine

Chinese medicine is an ancient, highly sophisticated system for understanding both illness and its origins.  Functional medicine is the evolution beyond "single cause" medicine that currently predominates using technology and western medical understanding to identify and mitigate the causes of disease.

Some Of Our Specialties Are


If you're ready to bring new life into the world, we're here to help.
We've been able to help hundreds of people finally become pregnant and build healthy families


Impaired digestion is one of the most common complaints in medicine.  Moreover, it is a foundational causative factor in many other conditions from skin to psychiatric to orthopedic to respiratory.  Healthy digestion is top tier for optimal health.

Functional Dermatology

Chronic skin disorders are more than skin deep as they effect far more than appearance.  Skin diseases can impact everything from your self worth to your sleep.  Rashes are like icebergs, 90% of both their cause and effect lie below the surface.